Umbrella Story




Hey there! I’m Samantha, thanks for reading my blog! The Umbrella Brand is a concept I thought of one day when someone said ‘that is so you, Sam’.

It got me thinking about how I present myself to the world… Did I like what my clothes, accessories, friends, attitude, job and style said about me? Luckily, I DID!


I like being an Athletic-ModernPrep-Bundle’O’Bubbles-Romantic that has been wrapped up into one tiny package { I am an ambitious 5’2″ } tied with a lovely Samantha engraved ribbon. So much of who I am falls into one of those four categories; all under my stylishly branded umbrella!

Your umbrella is who you are. It keeps everything you stand for safe and protected underneath whatever design and colors you choose to fill your life with. No matter the variety of interests underneath that protection, your umbrella will always be there as the gateway to the rest of the world… sending off a cohesive image consisting of everything you love.

I hope my ‘Samantha Brand’ development journey and research of successful brands will help you further the construction of your very own fancy umbrella!

Umbrella Logo

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.05.16 AM

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