Skillshare Teaches a Branding Class

I am very excited to say, I just signed up for my first Skillshare class… “Resume 2.0 – Develop a Killer Personal Brand Using the Secrets of Digital Marketers” taught by Amanda McCormick!

With a background working for major brands, startups and nonprofits, Amanda has learned how to derive the unique selling proposition of a variety of products…including people! Blogging for Jellybean Boom, she equips artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs and others with the digital strategies they need to stand out from the pack. She teaches regularly at Mediabistro, and she is a frequent speaker on technology, social media and writing on the web.

I am so excited for this because we are going to learn to:

Create A Brilliant Personal Positioning Statement

Never again struggle for the answer to the questions “What do you do?”

Build a Strategic Action Plan

Map the distance between here and now and mind-blowing success.

Set up a Personalized Website

Create a personal website with the Wix platform — a free tool with lots of great looking templates that will help set up your very own personal website.


If you want to enroll in this class with me, leave a comment below and I will send you an email for a $10 off coupon — making this three hour class ONLY $5! Don’t miss out, I’m sure it will be great 🙂

If you don’t sign up… be sure to check back to see what I learned from Amanda!

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Branding Interview with Thin Mint!

There are ENDLESS details on how to create your own brand. Catch a glimpse of a few helpful tips in my interview with Emma, the author of Thin Mint!


>>>  Interview with Thin Mint  <<<

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Branded by Flowers

Flowers are incredible for SO many reasons. They are strong, beautiful, and have the power to continuously deliver positive energy and happiness. It is no wonder each one has its own special meaning behind it!

These meanings are a fun way to add even more excitement to your next coffee table arrangement or your someday wedding bouquet!

Kate Middleton‘s wedding bouquet consisted of carefully selected flowers that all held personal meaning for her and William:

Lily of the Valley : Purity and Happiness

Hyacinth : Constancy 

Sweet William :  Obviously….
(but it means courageous behavior)

Myrtle : The emblem of Marriage and Love
(every royal bride since Queen Victoria has had Myrtle in her bouquet !)

Combine them all together and you have one royally beautiful bouquet!


There are tons and tons of flowers in the world, but here is a recent arrangement of meanings from Lauren ConradImage

Which flowers would you choose for your bouquet based off their meaning and beauty??!

Personally peonies {prosperity} and anemonies {unfading love} are my favs… Although I am a HUGE fan of color, there is something to be said about an all white arrangement. And that’s how I like these two together, all white, with the little splash of navy in the center of the anemone and just a hint of baby pink… could there be anything more perfect? I think NOT!

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 7.41.01 PM