Skillshare Teaches a Branding Class

I am very excited to say, I just signed up for my first Skillshare class… “Resume 2.0 – Develop a Killer Personal Brand Using the Secrets of Digital Marketers” taught by Amanda McCormick!

With a background working for major brands, startups and nonprofits, Amanda has learned how to derive the unique selling proposition of a variety of products…including people! Blogging for Jellybean Boom, she equips artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs and others with the digital strategies they need to stand out from the pack. She teaches regularly at Mediabistro, and she is a frequent speaker on technology, social media and writing on the web.

I am so excited for this because we are going to learn to:

Create A Brilliant Personal Positioning Statement

Never again struggle for the answer to the questions “What do you do?”

Build a Strategic Action Plan

Map the distance between here and now and mind-blowing success.

Set up a Personalized Website

Create a personal website with the Wix platform — a free tool with lots of great looking templates that will help set up your very own personal website.


If you want to enroll in this class with me, leave a comment below and I will send you an email for a $10 off coupon — making this three hour class ONLY $5! Don’t miss out, I’m sure it will be great 🙂

If you don’t sign up… be sure to check back to see what I learned from Amanda!

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Day off… optional

{ M O N D A Y }

For me, monday means: relax, recharge & grow. Working in the hospitality industry allows me to have this day to myself, as the rest of the world begins a new work week. The peacefulness of my mondays are something I crave & desperately need in order to feel connected and grounded to my own life.

I believe it is so important to spend time with yourself to develop new hobbies, new interests, meet new people, find new adventures & just have peace. Of course I always find myself growing my brand and figuring out how to get a handle on this social media crazed world we live in.

So today I am beginning the book: Likeable Social Media { Recommended by my friend and fellow blogger, Emma at Thin Mint: A blog for the girl on a budget }


I am so excited because I have been investing a lot of time, creativity, and passion to revamp the social media presence + appearance for Longwood Events. I have recently hit a wall and am in serious need of new material to help me out.

I am obsessed with the book already:

“In memory of my PopPop, the Honorable Steven W. Fisher. You knew nothing about social media or marketing, but you knew everything about integrity and family.”

This tells me that the book is not going to be boring or stuffy like some social media//marketing books can be. There is going to be { love + passion } involved… two of my favorite things!

I’ll let you know how it goes, anyone read it yet?!