Day off… optional

{ M O N D A Y }

For me, monday means: relax, recharge & grow. Working in the hospitality industry allows me to have this day to myself, as the rest of the world begins a new work week. The peacefulness of my mondays are something I crave & desperately need in order to feel connected and grounded to my own life.

I believe it is so important to spend time with yourself to develop new hobbies, new interests, meet new people, find new adventures & just have peace. Of course I always find myself growing my brand and figuring out how to get a handle on this social media crazed world we live in.

So today I am beginning the book: Likeable Social Media { Recommended by my friend and fellow blogger, Emma at Thin Mint: A blog for the girl on a budget }


I am so excited because I have been investing a lot of time, creativity, and passion to revamp the social media presence + appearance for Longwood Events. I have recently hit a wall and am in serious need of new material to help me out.

I am obsessed with the book already:

“In memory of my PopPop, the Honorable Steven W. Fisher. You knew nothing about social media or marketing, but you knew everything about integrity and family.”

This tells me that the book is not going to be boring or stuffy like some social media//marketing books can be. There is going to be { love + passion } involved… two of my favorite things!

I’ll let you know how it goes, anyone read it yet?!


A Brand is Born!


Getting to know your umbrella:

Ask friends & family what pops into their head when they think of you

Ask a Sales Associate in Nordstrom what brand they would pair you with
{ this could get awkward… }

Look at what kinds of pins you are repinning and uploading to Pinterest

Find some common ground between all of these findings and voilà!



Split Personality

Remember when I said ‘varying interests are a good thing’?
This picture will definitely help explain that:


Kudos to my Dad for naming me. Sam for my sporty side and Samantha for my glam side. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect myself!

In the top picture we have Sam — Bundle’O’Bubbles + Athletic
In the bottom picture we have SamanthaModernPrep + Romantic 

Two personalities. Two different styles. Two hair colors even…?
YET, they’re the same person. ME 🙂 

My point of showing you my obvious split personalities is to demonstrate that your brand should be diverse. It should allow you to be all of who you are – without holding anything back. Pieces of your personality should never be left behind, so find a way to make all of them work with your overall image.

F O O D . F O R .  T H O U G H T
{ obviously blondes do not have more fun: brunette hanging from the ceiling — blonde going to work }

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.05.16 AM

Your Umbrella

Umbrella Logo

“Build an authentic brand: there is no other kind” — You, Inc.

Breaking into the so called ‘real world’ is no joke. We’ve been warned by our parents, professors, and career mentors that we will one day have to make a name for ourselves. THIS is by far the hardest part of the real world. Who do you want to be? Whether this is your first attempt at creating your brand – or you are reinventing it – remember, consistency is KEY!

The image you present to the world starts with the most basic elements of yourself:

— What brand of clothing do you wear most days?  { J.Crew }
— Favorite restaurant to dine at?  { Clarke Cooke House }
— Your go-to movie?  { Serendipity }
— Admired Celebrity?  { Kate Middleton + Lauren Conrad }

Do your answers to all these questions mesh well together?

If not, you may have a little bit of a problem on your hands. It’s ok if your answers are a little bit scattered, having a bit of variety in your interests is a good thing, and important. But it is also important to keep all those interests under one uniform umbrella!

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.05.16 AM