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“Build an authentic brand: there is no other kind” — You, Inc.

Breaking into the so called ‘real world’ is no joke. We’ve been warned by our parents, professors, and career mentors that we will one day have to make a name for ourselves. THIS is by far the hardest part of the real world. Who do you want to be? Whether this is your first attempt at creating your brand – or you are reinventing it – remember, consistency is KEY!

The image you present to the world starts with the most basic elements of yourself:

— What brand of clothing do you wear most days?  { J.Crew }
— Favorite restaurant to dine at?  { Clarke Cooke House }
— Your go-to movie?  { Serendipity }
— Admired Celebrity?  { Kate Middleton + Lauren Conrad }

Do your answers to all these questions mesh well together?

If not, you may have a little bit of a problem on your hands. It’s ok if your answers are a little bit scattered, having a bit of variety in your interests is a good thing, and important. But it is also important to keep all those interests under one uniform umbrella!

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