A Proposal fit for a Princess!


Are you crying yet?

How about now?

Ok, you’re definitely crying… NOW!

This video is one of the many reasons I am obsessed with love. It is proof that fairy tales really do come true. What do you think?

After all of this incredible proposal excitement, Allison & Craig are finally getting married today at Belle Mer in Newport, RI! They came into town lastnight, and I don’t think they have stopped smiling since!

I can’t wait to see them as they get ready to walk down the aisle!

Ps. Couples have brands too! Their wedding was entirely designed by Allison (the invitations, escort cards, and aisle runner all have a logo that Allison designed on Illustrator! Adorable!)


Day off… optional

{ M O N D A Y }

For me, monday means: relax, recharge & grow. Working in the hospitality industry allows me to have this day to myself, as the rest of the world begins a new work week. The peacefulness of my mondays are something I crave & desperately need in order to feel connected and grounded to my own life.

I believe it is so important to spend time with yourself to develop new hobbies, new interests, meet new people, find new adventures & just have peace. Of course I always find myself growing my brand and figuring out how to get a handle on this social media crazed world we live in.

So today I am beginning the book: Likeable Social Media { Recommended by my friend and fellow blogger, Emma at Thin Mint: A blog for the girl on a budget }


I am so excited because I have been investing a lot of time, creativity, and passion to revamp the social media presence + appearance for Longwood Events. I have recently hit a wall and am in serious need of new material to help me out.

I am obsessed with the book already:

“In memory of my PopPop, the Honorable Steven W. Fisher. You knew nothing about social media or marketing, but you knew everything about integrity and family.”

This tells me that the book is not going to be boring or stuffy like some social media//marketing books can be. There is going to be { love + passion } involved… two of my favorite things!

I’ll let you know how it goes, anyone read it yet?!