Split Personality

Remember when I said ‘varying interests are a good thing’?
This picture will definitely help explain that:


Kudos to my Dad for naming me. Sam for my sporty side and Samantha for my glam side. I couldn’t think of anything more perfect myself!

In the top picture we have Sam — Bundle’O’Bubbles + Athletic
In the bottom picture we have SamanthaModernPrep + Romantic 

Two personalities. Two different styles. Two hair colors even…?
YET, they’re the same person. ME 🙂 

My point of showing you my obvious split personalities is to demonstrate that your brand should be diverse. It should allow you to be all of who you are – without holding anything back. Pieces of your personality should never be left behind, so find a way to make all of them work with your overall image.

F O O D . F O R .  T H O U G H T
{ obviously blondes do not have more fun: brunette hanging from the ceiling — blonde going to work }

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.05.16 AM